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The goal of any landlord is to maximize rental income while maintaining quality tenants. In order to maximize rental income a landlord must keep expenses to a minimum and especially avoid costly repairs. Most landlords look to us for finding affordable landlord home insurance quotes since we operate nationwide and work with some of the most trusted insurance companies.

5 Tips For Landlords When Getting Insurance Quotes
  1. Be sure to get quotes for landlord insurance - A standard homeowner's insurance policy will not properly protect a landlord. Get a policy specific for rental property owners.
  2. Maximize landlord liability insurance - Each landlord home insurance policy will come with liability protection which can be your best friend. Ask for the maximim level which is usually $1 million and only costs $25-$50 per year.
  3. Loss of rental income should be greater than your annual rental income - Proper insurance coverage starts with protecting your rental income. Get a policy with loss of rental income coverage that exceeds your current annual income from that property.
  4. Personal property coverage protects your property left at the home - If you have furniture or other personal property at the rental unit be sure to have enough personal property coverage to purchase those items new at today's prices.
  5. Compare trusted insurance companies - This may sound obvious but there are numerous home insurance companies that operate in your state that don't have a good track record of customer service or claim payments. By using our service you are connected with the most trusted companies in your city and agents that operate a sound business.

Save Money on Insurance 3 Steps to Save Money on Landlord Insurance

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Landlord Insurance What Each Landlord Should Require From Their Tenants

Renters insurance is a policy that is inexpensive and easy to get for all renters but few landlords require it. Your landlord insurance policy does not provide coverage for your tenants property. It is in your best interest as a landlord to require each renter to show proof of renters insurance each year. There are many reasons a renter should get a policy but here are three reasons how it protects you:

  1. Provides liability insurance coverage in the event the tenant causes damage to the home
  2. Provides personal property coverage in the event of a covered loss like theft or a fire
  3. A renters policy will show financial responsiblity by a tenant which means a more reliable and quality renter.


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