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In each state there are hundreds of insurance companies that may be licensed to operate but only a handful of these companies represent the majority of policies carried by consumers. Insurance consumers tend to look for a company with the following attributes:

  • Affordable policies
  • Great customer service
  • Proven track record
  • Community focused

We provide a list of insurance companies that continually offer consumers what they are looking for plus you will likely get a quote from one of these companies by using our free quote service. Our site is one of the few that provide insurance quotes from multiple companies so expect to get up to 5 agents competing for your business.

Recognized and Trusted Insurance Companies


Acceptance Insurance

Allstate Insurance

American Family Insurance

Capital Insurance

Citizens Insurance

Encompass Insurance

Farmers Insurance

First Colony Insurance

Fred Loya Insurance

Look Insurance

North Star Insurance

PGAC Insurance

State Farm Insurance

Sterling Insurance

Yellow Key Insurance